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All ready to book? Let’s do it.

+ What information do I need to have to book you?

As little or as much information as you have! That said, the more information you have up front, the easier the process will be. What is most helpful to know is what date(s) you’re thinking of and what program you’re looking for: how many performances, student workshops and professional development workshops. However, even if you’re still figuring it out, we encourage you to reach out on our Book Us page. Comments like, “the show needs to be on a weeknight” or “we can only do Saturday afternoons” will be helpful so we know what your flexibility and limitations are.

+ I’m a student, how can I bring Project VOICE to my school?

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm! We’d be happy to talk about making it out to your school. The quickest way to get that conversation started is by telling a teacher or administrator how excited you are about Project VOICE, and then having them take a look at our website and send us a message through our Book Us page. We hope to see you soon!

+ What kind of programming do you offer? What can I expect?

We offer live spoken word poetry performances, student workshops and professional development workshops. Check out this video for a sneak peak. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at our Book Us page. You will be able to decide how many of each unit would be a good fit – we have made visits that just consist of a single performance, and visits that are two-week-long residencies packed with several performances, workshops, and multi-session professional development workshops for the entire staff. Our only request is that we do at least one performance per visit before any student or professional development workshops take place- it helps us begin with a shared experience and introduce the art form and ourselves.

+ Is there a size limit to your performances and workshops?

Our performances are unlimited in size (within reason)! We are happy to perform for as many folks as you can comfortably fit in your performance space. We do ask that our audience be in the same general age range, for example: an audience of all high school students, or an audience of all middle school students, or a show for parents and adults. A show for a group of 18 year olds is understandably different from a show for 12 year olds! For much younger students, we find smaller sized audiences tend to work better - so for 2nd grade and younger, we encourage you to try for smaller sized groups.

Our student workshops, on the other hand, are limited to 25 participants maximum. This allows us to work in an intimate environment to ensure personal attention, hands-on instruction, and to create an atmosphere in which participants feel comfortable sharing personal work.

Our professional development workshops are limited to 50 participants.

+ What age group do you usually work with?

All ages. We have worked with students from Kindergarten to MFA Programs and well beyond, and have poems and curriculum ready for each specific age group. However, because we tailor our work to each age group, we do ask that for each event (performance or workshop), everyone be in the same general age range. For example: all high school students or all upper elementary school students. A show for a group of 18 year olds is understandably different from a show for 12 year olds!

+ Can I book just a workshop without a performance?

No - in our experience we have found that it is important for all students that are participating in our workshops to see us perform live (preferably before the workshop). For many students, they may not have seen spoken word poetry before, and the performance gives them both an introduction to the art form and a shared experience that we can draw on when we get into the workshop. Having a performance first builds momentum around the art form and gives students an idea for what we will be tackling together in the classroom.

+ Do you have a preferred space to perform in at a school? Gym? Auditorium? Outdoor amphitheater?

If available, auditoriums or theaters tend to be more conducive to successful shows than gyms or multi-purpose rooms. (Outdoor shows are the most difficult.) That said, we have performed in just about every space imaginable, and will always work with you regardless of your set up, so please just let us know your options.

+ Do you travel internationally?

Yes - Project VOICE has collectively done work in 30 countries around the world! While all of our work is in English, we have worked with English Language Learners in all kinds of communities around the globe.

+ Do you offer any remote visits through Skype or something similar?

Not at the moment. We believe that our work is best experienced live and in person!

+ Do you offer reduced rates or scholarships for schools?

Yes! Through our Poetry for All initiative, Project VOICE is delighted to provide subsidized visits to a number of Title 1 schools in the United States. Please reach out to us on our Book Us page for information on how to apply for a sponsored visit.

+ How do I get more information such as honorarium cost, scheduling and availability?

Reach out to us on our Book Us page and someone from our team will be happy to help. We hope to see you in the future.