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Sarah Kay’s TED talk featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer


In The News: Adobe

“It’s really remarkable that spoken word, which is just a new(er) incarnation of a very old art form of oral tradition, is being ‘rediscovered’ in an age when technology is connecting everyone.”


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In The News: American Public Media

“In… spoken word poetry and singing and teaching, [Project VOICE] is reminding young people today that our words are the most powerful connective tool we have — and not merely our most personal tool. We are called to be creative with our words, and careful without words, in our age that is technological but still as human as before.”


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In The News: Big Think

“Move Over, Boys. The Nantucket Project… featured some major financial heavyweights including Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, Larry Summers, Former Treasury Secretary and President of Harvard University and Hedge Fund Manager Eddie Lampert, among others. And yet it was an upcoming poet, who in many ways stole the show.”

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In The News: Education Week

“Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks recited epic poems aloud. Actors have breathed life into Shakespeare’s soliloquies since the 16th century. Now, [Project VOICE] poet-educators are working to bring the rich art of spoken-word poetry to students from kindergarten to graduate school…They believe [this] kind of poetry may be especially well-suited to connecting with young people at an emotional level, making traditional poetry more accessible to students, and sharpening their critical-thinking skills…”