huffington post

In The News: The Huffington Post

“Reminding us of the role of the arts in this society… provides us with a fresh and positive perspective that seems crucial in light of recent catastrophic events.”


In The News: Muzzle

“And like a storm sweeping through paradise, Franny Choi came into the world and we are damn lucky to be a part of it. Franny is one of the most versatile and powerful performers you will ever meet. I dare you to look at her work and not become mesmerized by the passion and veracity she brings to her performances. Folks, get into Franny Choi, the best kind of lightning on earth.”



In The News: Wired

“Which were the consensus favorites? A performance poet named Sarah Kay blew down the house with her passionate wordplay”

the washington post

In The News: The Washington Post

“Sarah Kay, a performance poet, was the youngest presenter at the event, but was a clear superstar and mesmerizing”

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In The News: post-online

“[Project VOICE] has continued to craft lesson plans and curricula in an effort to weave spoken word into preexisting courses, all while honing… skills at teaching this nontraditional art form. One of Sarah’s personal goals is not only to teach students, but also to educate teachers on how to incorporate spoken word into their curricula. Sarah sees spoken word not only as an art form, but also as a tool to get students motivated about communication, thoughtfulness, and self-expression.”


the providence phoenix

In The News: The Phoenix Providence

“Especially [for] students who are disconnected from language, historically – students of color; students who are English language learners, who are immigrants, who have learning disabilities — poetry can be seen as something that’s super difficult and irrelevant and boring… Through the spoken word world particularly, there is a lot of poetry that is accessible and yet doing really strong work, craft-wise; that’s really immediately exciting and emotional for a young person to hear, personal stories that are relevant to their lives. When you bring that kind of work into a classroom, suddenly poetry becomes something that is meaningful and useful and moves a student.”



In The News: Inc.

“You don’t have to be old to be wise… Sarah Kay showed how the doors of self-expression are available to everyone.”

the fg

In The News: the FG

“Changing lives around the world, one classroom at a time. [Their] work has gathered a great following and has inspired people of all ages to be the best they can be.”



In The News: República

“Project VOICE has been conducting workshops on spoken word poetry all over the world from the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, to India.”